Objectives and challenges

cnis5The AFNeT launched the Digital Circle of Strategic Industries in order to create a dynamics of division and progress around the problems of digital in the extended enterprise then to engage of the structuring actions (projects, communities of work,…).

The objective is to create:

  • a gathering circle of confidence of the industrialists and living strength of the AFNeT around the digital transformation of the organizations.

The addressed problems are structured around 4 axes:

  • Digital transformation: Strategy, conduit of change, experience feedbacks,…
  • Trades of the extended enterprise : Design, SCM, CRM, TLCI, MRO, Invoicing & Payment,…
  • The information system of the extended enterprise. It must be urbanized and secure, facilitate the collaboration of the actors and allow the digital continuity of the design filing: Architecture, PLM (Management of the data produced of the life cycle), standardization of the data, Security and CyberSécurité,….
  • Futurology to reflect and work between industrialists and in phase lead on innovative subjects.

The commissions are

  • organisées at the request of them adherent which wish to share or to have an experience feedback in a approach of exchange (“Give & Get”).
  • are put in work by a presenter, person in charge of thématic, and the voluntary adhérents with the logistical support of a salarié of the AFNeT.

Usually a commission is either a return of expérience of industrialists or the présentation of one white paper produced by a working group of the AFNeT.

It can dérouler either à the AFNeT or at one are adhérent of the AFNeT partner of the commission and to take various forms (Réunion, breakfast,….)

Some examples:

  • Présentation of white paper “To measure the value and the KING of a project of Social Réseau
    of Company
  • Présentation of the “Guide of élaboration of a contract of dématérialisation of flows
    Supply Chain “by Samy Scemama (Boost the Council) and Sophie Soubelet-Caroit (SSC Lawyers)
  • Governance and Modèle économique of Hub BoostAeroSpace by Pierre Faure (Founder and VP BoostAeroSpace)
  • The control of the change at Cisco for a better collaboration with the service of the innovation and efficacité “by Hélène Sancerres (Comité de Direction CISCO)

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