Other events

In addition to Boost-Industry and commissions CNIS, the AFNeT organizes events which can take various forms:
The Club of the Decision makers of the AFNeT is a club of meetings and division of experiments on the digital company extended with high level decision makers, Head offices, Purchases, Research departments, Support Customers or DSI.


Net2007, Net2008, Net2009 and Net2010 are seminars which proceeded in the form of a brainstorming (http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brainstorming), organized like a “Knowledge Coffee” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Knowledge_Cafe).

At the time of Net2007 the digital Pact for competitive and interdependent France was produced.


AFneT organized the conference “All Ecoopreneurs: Accelerating ecosystems of competitiveness and innovation “the 2/11/2009 in the buildings of the Development agency of the Val de Marne
organized on the initiative of the AFNeT, F the Council and InPrincipo.
Our economy accelerates its transformation, the economy of the ecosystems develops.
Per hour when uncertainties and revival programs are combined, of new forms of development are moving with SME, great groups, research centres, territorial collectivities, universities, associations, communities.

In many places of dynamic of collaboration, co-operation, of coopétition, emergent, develop, give results fast, unexpected, very encouraging.
Together, public actors, deprived, ques who are their size and their branch of industry act and are mobilized so that exchange gives it, they are ALL ECOOPRENEURS!

Your event.

The AFNeT after agreement of the Board of directors can coorganiser an event with your structure or to take part in its organization while bringing its competences.