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About AFNeT Standardization Days

One March 23rd 2016, AFNeT and its partners cuts organized the 1st edition of AFNeT Standardization Day one the subject of “DIGITAL threads in industry based one standard open PLM”.

With successful vent with more than 150 participants from France, Germany and the U.K. and five major industrial sectors Aerospace & Defence, Automotive, Construction, Nuclear, Railway & Shipbuilding.

The goes down for hearing had the opportunity to share the industry needs for the digital thread in multiple industries: Rail, Nuclear, Automotive, Defence and Aerospace:
• Digital The transformation is vital for to their competitiveness (costs, time to market, quality)… but to their survival
• The standards (processes, dated formats) digital are mandatory for the continuity in the extended enterprise
• There has great dynamism and promising results of the PLM Task force projects
• The standard businesses needs of the users must drive the, the vendors roadmaps & Uses boxes
• We need the involvement of all major industrial companies
• We need to extend our actions to other sectors (nuclear, construction,…) and standard (e.g. BIM, IFC)
• We need for has long term governance of the standard taking advantage of the current AFNeT PLM Task force

The AFNeT PLM Task force and its hand contributions to the STEP AP242 development, testing and validation were presented before has wide presentation of the vendors solutions one STEP AP242. This was the opportunity to evaluate the strong involvement of nap of them in the AP242 support and PDM Implementor Forum participation.

Last and not least, the future roadmap for standard developments and the next challenges in the DIGITAL future integration for the “Factories of the” were presented to provide custom in outlook in our next year activities.

All the presentations from The Industry needs, the AFNeT PLM Task force Projects and the vendors AP242 interoperability solutions are available for download.

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