Vision & Mission: Competitiveness is now played extended enterprise against extended enterprise thanks to the digital one

For the industrial large companies, more than 80% of the value of the products or services is realized by the suppliers, mainly SME. In international competition, where it is necessary to gain on the 100% of the chain of the value, plus no company can only gain, competitiveness is played from now on on level of the extended enterprise.
For that purpose, much of large companies resort unfortunately to the outsourcing of subcontracting in emerging countries with low costs of labour.

Another way must be privileged, because it makes it possible to get better results by keeping employment in France and Europe: to increase the added-value of the subcontractors. To gain in competitiveness, the companies started by optimizing and digitizing their internal processes, then to collaborate with their suppliers of row 1.

It is necessary to prolong these initiatives beyond the suppliers of row 1 to make function the extended enterprise like only one company, while drawing left best each one from its actors, and thus improve the quality and the speed of design of the products, to reduce the costs of supply, to boost the customer services.

The digital one allows this operation in extended enterprise. It is set up in the filièreaérospatiale and defense thanks to the hub European BoostAeroSpace.

What was possible for the aerospace sector and defense can indeed be implemented in the major industrial branches of industry, in particular those sharing of the similar problems: strategic importance (challenges of sovereignty in certain cases), field of excellence of France, international marketing activity, long cycles, security.

The investments are weak compared to the industrial and social challenges, the result can be obtained in less than three years, while taking as a starting point the best practices, in particular within the CNIS, the digital Circle of confidence of strategic industries which has just launched Afnet.