History: 30 years of actions for extended enterprises

In the beginning turned towards Unix and the opened systems, promoter of the values induced by this open technology and of the new collaboratifs uses who accompanies it, the mission of the AFUU extended himself to the reflection and the action on the economic impacts, technological and sociétaux of Internet, on the Net Economy and the company in network. It became the AFNeT.

The French Association of the users of the Net and the Company in Network (AFNeT) brings together actors of all the horizons (Large companies, SME, Ministries and administrations, Territorial collectivities, Universities, Grandes Ecoles, Suppliers TIC,…). It is an association gathering of the industrial and public actors which accompanies and supports actively the companies for a durable appropriation of new technologies of information.

1982 : Creation of the AFUU

The AFUU (French Association of the Users of Unix and the Open Systems) was founded in 1982.
In the beginning turned towards Unix and the opened systems, promoter of the values induced by this open technology and of the new collaboratifs uses who accompanies it, the mission of the AFUU extended himself to the reflection and the action on the economic impacts, technological and sociétaux of Internet, on the Net Economy and the company in network.

Implied for 30 years in the installation of new technologies of the Internet, L“AFUU has become by 1992 with L” INRIA first true “access provider IP” in France FNet ( Frequency Network monitoring).

The AFNeT and its Communities of Work organize each year, events, congress, conventions, joining together several tens of speakers and hundreds of congressmen, in Paris and in province.  (Convention UNIX 95, BOOST' 97, Festival of the Internet 98, Intranet 99, Net 2000, Net 2001, Net 2002, Net2003 and Net 2004)

In 1997:  1st congress of the Net Economy  « BOOST' 97 « 

With place on January 29th, 1997 with the Carrousel from Louvre in Paris. Boost' 97 was a European event with nonlucrative goal, intended to promote the new economic opportunities offered by open technologies of information, near the Head offices of the European companies most important. It was organized by the AFUU in partnership with:
a great consortium of users (AHRIA, CIGREF, CMGF, EurOpen, ICT Round Counts of the European Commission, INRIA, OSITOP, OMG, SYNTEC the Council, Open The Group, World Wide Web Consortium)
a great consortium of suppliers of open technologies (Bull, Cape Gemini Sogeti, DIGITAL, HP, IBM, Informix, Netscape, Oracle, SCO, Silicon Graphics, Sun) It was sponsored by the French Ministry of Industry, the European Commission and supported by Sénat.Boost' 97 caused the publication of one white paper.

In 1997, the AFUU also takes part in the creation of the Festival of the InternetFETEINTERNET98logo-small

The concept of the Festival of the Internet goes back to September 1997 and the AFUU makes at the time, part of 5 associations pionniers gathered to organize the 1st edition in March 1998:

  • the ISOC France, French Chapter of the Internet Society,
  •  Admiroutes,
  • the Club of the Arch, (BNP Paribas Workshop)
  • the Association of the Digital Cities (AVN)
  • the French Association of the Users of Unix and the open Systems (AFUU).

The AFUU ensured the operational secretariat of the 1st Festival of the Internet in 1998.

In 1999, the AFNeT organizes Intr@net 99. intanet99

Intranet99 confirmed the strategic importance of the Intranet and the Extranet for the companies, the administrations and the local government agencies: in all the branches of industry, Intranet leaves the field of the internal communication to become the nervous system of the company or the entity considered, contributing directly to its operational operation, integrating joint work, the division of knowledge, the relation with the external partners, suppliers or customers. A Competition: rich person in quality and price!

Many an Intranet strategic were actually presented, since on the 60 projects which took part in Competition, 22 were nominated. The Exhibition proposed in parallel 22 stands of demonstrations of applications and 2 conference rooms. 21 high level table-rounds followed one another on strategic topics (Large companies, SME, Administrations, Local government agencies,…), economic (e-commerce, economic intelligence,…), human resources (collective intelligence, shares knowledge, new social relations, management, led change), techniques (put in work, security,…), quality.

In 2001 the AFUU becomes the AFNeT.afnet
The AFNeT is more than ever open, committed, independent and professional, in the middle of the change. It is a point of meeting privileged between users and suppliers, and joins together around it all those which act and which share its values, large companies users, of PME/PMI, public agencies or deprived, of academics, of associations, suppliers or individuals.

Starting from 2000, Net 2000, Net 2001, Net 2002, Net 2003, Net 2004, Net 2005 and Net 2006 become appointments international major organized by the AFNeT intended to boost the innovation and the total competitiveness of the companies and the territories thanks to the digital one. Around a program of workshops and conferences, they brought together actors of foreground of the world of the Company, Administrations and Territorial collectivities, hundreds of PME/PMI, taking part in the Programs of AFNeT Boost-Industry, and E-SME, supported by the Minister of Industry, the last CIADT, and by many industrialists, in particular aeronautical.


Net 2000 took place from March 27th to March 29th, 2000 in the City of Sciences and the Industry of Paris.
Net 2001 took place from March 28th to March 30th, 2001 in the City of Sciences and the Industry of Paris
Net 2002 took place from March 26th to March 28th, 2002 within the framework of the living room OnLine 2002 (Paris Exhibition – Porte de Versailles) on the topic “To understand, act and innovate in a world company in network”
Net 2003 took place April 1st and 2nd, 2003 with the ENST Paris on the topic: “Internet: the time of the action in the field of SME, the modernization of the State, the change of work, the reduction of the North-South digital divide “
Net 2004 took place the 6 and 7 avrll 2004.
Net 2005 took place March 29th and 30th, 2005 with the Ministry of research on the topic “Innovation and competitiveness: let us boost the companies and the territories “.
Net 2006 took place on March 29th, 2006 with the Ministry of research on the topic “Sectors digital, interworking and competitiveness”.net2001

Great congresses of the Net Economy in the City of Sciences of the Villette (11 sessions of parallel during 3 days, of the hundreds of speakers, the thousands of congressmen), Paris Telecom and Ministry of research. The acts of these congresses are available, and one is the object of publications within the framework of White papers AFNeT “the Fundamental ones of the Information society”

Passage in project modelogo_epme

2003 : launching of project E-SME of accompaniment of SME in the appropriation of the digital work methods
2004 : control of the BoostAero project of development of the international aeronautical standards
2005 : launching of the Boost-Industry project & Services, supported by the CGM and the CGTI

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2006 : intersector and interregional coordination of the Action plan DGE/MEDEF TIC&PME 2010, technical Direction of the project interindustrial the SEINE of development of the standards and collaboratives platforms PLM of the extended enterprise and project TICIO of development of standards interopérables of the electronics industry.
2007 : drafting of the “Digital Pact for competitive and interdependent France”, http://www.pacte-numerique.org

2008 : control of the Digital project of Hub Aeronautical BoostAeroSpace European, creation of the “Think Tank of the Digital economy” at the time of Net 2008.
2009 : preparation with Net 2009 and launching of the Boost-France project.

2011, launching of Commissions “CNIS”.

In 2013, the AFNeT launches Boost-Industryaffiche_85920.thumb53700.1414053409