AFNeT: Who are we?

In a few words.

The AFNeT has multiplied for more than 30 years the actions voluntary and innovating in order to support the innovation and competitiveness thanks to digital of French industry while being pressed on the large existing French industrial sectors (Aeronautics, car, BTP, energy, railway, naval,…)

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History: 30 years of actions for extended enterprises - At the origin turned towards Unix and the opened systems, promoter of the values induced by this open technology and of new… Continue reading “
Vision & Mission: Competitiveness is now played extended enterprise against extended enterprise thanks to the digital one - For the industrial large companies, more than 80% of the value of the products or services is realized by… Continue reading “
Values: transparency, independence, voluntarism, ethics, opening, share - Transparency Ethical Independence Voluntarism Opening Shares
Strategy: an approach by industry sector in a global dynamic of sharing - The AFNeT set up a strategy of transformation based on the sectors. The industrial actors are informed of the results… Continue reading “
Success Story: collaboratif Hub European BoostAeroSpace - The actions conducted by the AFNeT in the aeronautical sector led to the emergence of collaboratif Hub European BoostAeroSpace. Confronted with… Continue reading “