Do Tank

In a few words.

The AFNeT is a C-Tank which initiates and coordinates

  • Complex collaboratifs projects of sector whose action leverages will impact favorably and durably the new organization structure (Aeronautical, Railway, Nuclear,…),
  • work of standardizations necessary to the success of these projects (International BoostAero, AP242 ED2, PLM IF,…),
  • programs, regional or sectoral, of transformation digital which integrate the open standards, of the collaboratives platforms, the processes of the extended enterprise in the fields of design PLM, SCM logistics and the CRM customer relation.

It also places its experts at the disposal and organize events at the request of its members.

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AMOA of sectors projects - The AFNeT plays a part of assistance to the control of work in many development projects digital of sectors like Aeronautics,… Continue reading “
Program of accompaniment - The AFNeT conceives with its members the programs that she judges relevant to develop the innovation and competitiveness thanks to digital of industry. It… Continue reading “
Support of projects interfilières - The AFNeT supports, at the request of its members, of the projects interfilière on common problems.
Provision of experts - The AFNeT can place at the disposal one or more experts to take part in projects that it does not carry from there.  
Event organization - The AFNeT can, with the agreement of the Board of directors, to implement or to take part in the implementation of events: proposal… Continue reading “