Board of directors


Pierre Faure, Directing CRM E-business & km, Dassault Aviation and VP BoostAeroSpace


  • Fariza Jeanneau, chairman, F the Council and Partnership
  • Marie-Christine Oghly, President, Enginsoft
  • Jean-Michel Yolin, President of the section innovation/competitiveness, MinEFI
  • Pierre Béroux, Director of the industrial digital transformation EDF


  • Pierre Bernassau, Director of the customer services, SYSTRAN


  • Guy Forax, President, FPDMUG (French Association of users PDM)


  • Bernard Dalmon, chairman, CHALLENGE 12
  • Youval Eched, President, Yema Consultants
  • Jean Ferlus, President BoostAeroSpace, Safran
  • François Gerin, DGA, Siemens
  • Martine Hanin, Responsible Strategy and Urbanisation IF Group, Total
  • Thibaut Midon, DG, Fountain Consulting
  • Henri Noat, President, SESIN
  • Michel Ramez, Sales director, Hypertac
  • Jean-Claude Raoul, Scientific Advisor, FIF
  • Rui Teixera Guerra, Associated Managing, Darwin Consulting & Finance

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