AG, CA, CS and CP

In a few words.

The General Assembly (AG), Board of directors (CA), the Strategic committee (CS) and the Committees of Program (AFNeT Standardization Days, Boost-Industry, CNIS) are the principal authorities of the AFNeT.

The General Assembly (AG)

The General Assembly takes place itself once per annum. At the time of this General Assembly, the reports (Moral Report, Paying Financial) are voted, the new administrators are elected and the work axes for the next ones less are decided.


The Board of directors (CA)

The administrators are elected at the time of the General Assembly of the AFNeT:


The Strategic committee (CS)

The Strategic committee of the AFNeT gathers people resulting from the filères. It is a place of exchanges to the more high level on the actions to carry out sector by sector but also on the intersector problems.

It regularly meets around a guest in order to exchange on the projects in progress, a topic of futurology or events to come.


Committees of Program (CP): AFNeT Standardization Days, Boost-Industry, CNIS)