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The force of AFNeT has been to be for more than 30 years Think Tank articulated with Do Tank in multiple areas. This work made it possible to constitute a network of experienced and recognized contributors, lead by Pierre Faure (President AFNeT; Directing Dassault Aviation E-Business) with the support of employees. Working in project mode and the mobilization of this network allow the success of ambitious actions likethe creation of collaborative European Hub BoostAeroSpace.

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Luc Rousseau (Former Chief executive officer of the Competitiveness of Industry and the Services, Ministry for the Economy, Industry and Employment.): Vis-a-vis the crisis, AFNeT proposes an exit by the top - “Promoter of “Boost-France”, AFNET contributes to the rectification of our competitiveness by digital , like wished it by the industrialists in… Continue reading “
Stéphane Nègre (President Intel France): To put in resonance digital revolution and ecological revolution - “Digital technologies accelerate the changes of our company towards more innovation, more responsibility and more… Continue reading “
Jean-Pierre Corniou (DGA SIA Conseil, Ex-MIS from Renault and President of CIGREF): The Web as a universal vector of transformation - DGA SIA Conseil, Ex-MIS from Renault and President of CIGREF “the Web is essential as the universal vector of transformation of… Continue reading “
Charles Edelstenne (Former chairman Dassault-Aviation): AFNET makes it possible the companies to take up the competitiveness challenge - “The challenge of our companies is competitiveness. This one is measured in terms of innovation, quality and profitability…. Continue reading “

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